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Owner, Jacksonville Office

Barden started the business over 30 years ago and works daily to provide direct management and supervision. Other than surveying countless property boundaries, Barden has designed many of the areas subdivisions and commercial site plans, He has also been one of the area's leaders in surveying technology. In the late 70’s he purchased the area's first CAD system, plotter and electronic distance measurer, in the 80’s the first electronic data collectors and Auto Cadd and in the 90’s the first survey grade Global Positioning System. Barden has always been straightforward and understands the client’s needs.


Owner, Manager of Land Surveying & Geographic
Information Systems

Brent has 13 years of experience in research, land, topographic and control surveys, mapping, street design, subdivision layout, storm water design, wetland delineation, major and minor CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act) permits and regulations, NCDOT regulations, North Carolina Department of Environmental Management and quality regulations, water quality regulations and water and sewer regulations, including GPS & GIS (Control, RTK and mapping) . Brent attended North Carolina State University for GIS and ESRI ArcView 8.1,    UNCW, Campbell University, and Coastal Carolina Community College.



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