About Us


 We are a small but efficient company that has been providing quality  service  for over 25 years. Our company has a specialized manpower force  that utilizes  modern technical field and office equipment. We are Professional Land Surveyors (PLS),  Geographic Information System Professionals (GISP) and qualified survey  and GIS technicians. Our specialty is conducting  Global Positioning Systems (GPS) surveys,  although we provide a full  range of professional surveying services. We do  government and municipal work as well as commercial and private jobs. Our business department is  completely  computerized, and our accounting and office staff are eager  to  assist with all customer needs.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

 We conduct GPS surveys using  Trimble GPS equipment  and ESRI (ARC Map, GIS) software. We  use GPS capabilities for GIS,  mapping and control surveys. We can also provide  on-site training  for  our customers to assure they  feel comfortable maintaining the  data.  Additionally, we go out of our way to prevent environmental damage  during  the entire process 



Site Layout and Design

Let us plan your subdivision or site to include: 

  • General grading and drainage 
  • Storm water management  
  • Water and sewer layout  
  • Plan and profile 


Site Layout & Design for  
Standard Compliance in North Carolina Cities

  • Commercial Warehouses 
  • Automotive Dealerships 
  • Self Storage Warehouses 
  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Office Buildings 
  • Strip Shopping Centers 
  • Office-Warehouse Complexes 
  • Family Developments 


General Survey Services

  • GPS surveying 
  • Cadastral Research  
  • GIS surveys  
  • Land Surveying and Mapping  
  • Topographic Surveys  
  • Design for Private Streets and  Parking Areas  
  • NCDOT and City of Jacksonville  Street Standards  
  • Subdivision Layout and Design Family Developments 
  • Storm Water Design  
  • Sanitary Sewer Design  
  • 404 Wetland Delineation  
  • Major and Minor CAMA Permits and  Regulations  
  • NC Department of Environmental  Management Regulations  
  • Familiar with the Permitting Process  for:           
  • Land Quality -- Sedimentation and  Erosion Control plans 
  • Water Quality -- Storm Water Management  Plan 
  • Water and Sewer Extension Projects